Independent School Ad Campaign

We’ve recently completed a series of advertisements that details how Alberta’s independent schools are accountable, inclusive, cost effective, and result in an increase in choice for Alberta parents. Click the thumbnails below to view details, or download the media kit for more information.

We champion independent education

AISCA was established in 1958 and our mission is to promote the general welfare of AISCA and of independent schools and colleges in the Province of Alberta. We strive to support and encourage high standards of education in the independent schools and colleges of the Province of Alberta.


Thank you! A fabulous professional development event! Also a great way to establish network for upcoming year. A great variety of speakers, knowledgeable mentors. This has answered so many questions . . . thanks again.

A new administrator attending the AISCA New Principals Retreat

This evaluation was one of the best professional experiences I have had so far. I was very comfortable with the process. At a certain time, I forgot that a guest was in my classroom. Thank you very much.

Independent School Teachers comments on the AISCA DSA Teacher evaluation process

I would say: it is time to lift each other up. We are so used to putting each other down

Chief Wilton Littlechild Guest speaker AISCA AGM

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All Alberta Schools Serve the Public Good

A young child timidly meets new classmates on the first day of school. Soon school becomes a normal part of the daily routine. Time flies. Graduation arrives, and the child, now a young adult, completes further schooling and becomes a nurse, or an engineer or a teacher…