Starting an Independent School

The Government of Alberta respects choice in education, including private schools.
A specific pathway of approval has been developed for the establishment of private schools in Alberta.

The Government of Alberta furthermore recognizes that parents have the right to choose a private school for their children and has provided financial support for private schools since 1967.  Today there are around 100 Private Schools and 130 private Early Childhood Service providers currently operating in Alberta.


Independent School versus Private School

The words “independent” and “private” mean the same thing when referring to schools that are not part of the public, separate, or charter school systems in Alberta.  The School Act refers to such schools as “private,” however most operators prefer the name “independent.” In general, the word “private” is used wherever reference is made to the School Act or to the Regulations. The word “independent” is used in most other instances.

Do you have a great idea for an independent school?

  • Unique educational program
  • Specific teaching methodology
  • Integration of core beliefs and values
  • Specific curriculum focus
  • Alternative school structure

Are you ready to take action?