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Electricity & Natural Gas Aggregation Program

Since 2006, AISCA has worked with EAI, an independent wholesale energy management firm, to manage the physical energy supply requirements for its participates. The program includes 62 Independent Schools and Private ECS Operators as well as 6 Alternative Schools, 1 Charter School, 4 University Colleges and a handful of other facilities connected with independent schools. Through the Energy Aggregation Program, the participants benefit from customized energy products to meet their unique load profile requirements and they receive dedicated client care services from the energy suppliers.

How the Program Works

Since the beginning of the program AISCA has proactively managed the energy supply requirements of the participating institutions based on the wholesale forward electricity and natural gas markets. The Energy Program utilizes the same approach to help reduce costs that the large energy producers and wholesale energy marketers use to maximize their supply positions. AISCA gains the same competitive advantage with procurement and pricing insights into the wholesale markets to exactly know what, when and how to buy energy as a wholesale commodity without the risks associated to energy trading and delivery. The primary goal is to offer schools mid-long term stability in budgeting for energy costs by actively monitoring and securing future price opportunities at competitive wholesale prices.


Since inception, the AISCA Energy Program’s electricity portfolio has outperformed the default spot market trends by an average 20% or $2.67 million; the current portfolio is secured until 2020 at unit contract prices that are 16% lower than the current cost of electricity generation from coal, the cheapest source in Alberta’s supply mix. In addition, the electricity portfolio is insulated from any price volatility and costs resulting from the carbon tax equivalent in 2017 and beyond.

Natural Gas Performance

The natural gas portfolio has been managed by taking advantage of lower spot market prices over the recent years due to strong storage levels and milder temperatures and with short mid-term partial hedges. This strategy offers the participants budget predictability and the flexibility to further lower the costs in response to favorable market events and prices. AISCA will utilize strategic insights to the wholesale production and trading markets to alleviate the full impact of the carbon tax to the energy program.

Utilities Market Outlook

With the declining supply of coal-fired generation in Alberta’s electricity generation mix beyond 2017, the industry will be relying more on supply from natural gas sources that are more expensive to build and operate. Electricity supply costs are now faced with further challenges as a result of the recent Climate Leadership Plan announcement by the Alberta Government, which are subjected to a carbon tax equivalent starting in 2017.

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 AISCA Energy Management Program Feb. 2017 Memo

Energy Program Management Team

John Jagersma
Executive Director

Pat Vos
AISCA Energy Program Coordinator
Email: [email protected]
Office phone: 780-469-9880
Cell: 780-885-0134

Energy Associates International:
EAI, based in Calgary, manages the AISCA energy portfolio and wholesale market transactions. EAI serves larger commercial and institutional clients such as West Edmonton Mall, CBE and Northlands etc. For more info, please visit: For further information or questions about the program please contact Pat Vos and she’ll be pleased to assist you.