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Third Academy’s vision is student success. Our mission is to provide the best possible education by creating a positive, safe, caring, and success oriented learning environment and developing significant relationships with our students with special education needs. Our school is built on the following pillars: We believe in developing open and honest relationships based on mutual respect that touch the heart; we serve families of students with special learning needs; we believe it is the responsibility of the whole community in partnership to raise a child; we are educators with a heart, going beyond the call of duty; we are therapist-teachers who heal the heart first allowing our programming to meet the emotional, social, aesthetic, physical, and academic needs of our students; we believe in developing best practices through turning professional development into professional practice; we are accountable, not only to Alberta Education in meeting standards and fiscal requirements, but directly to the families that we serve. We are also proud to support 600 Home Schoolers across the province under our Willow Home Ed division. We are excited for our plan to launch URSA- independent, alternative, and virtual- in 2020 for students who are motivated and are looking for an online education program. At Third Academy, ‘It’s special needs education, your child’s way’.


3-510, 77 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3