Trinity Christian School Association for Christian Schooling in Calgary South


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Trinity Christian School’s mission is to prepare God’s children for a life of learning and service in His world. By the grace of God, in partnership with the Christian home and church, we lead children to be the best they can be for His glory. Trinity Christian School welcomes the God given gifts and talents of every child. All teachers are committed Christians who focus on all aspects of a child’s development: spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical. At TCS, we not only teach from a Christian perspective but we actively live, interact, and compete from a Christian perspective. We offer a K-9 program, following Alberta Education approved curriculum; additional support for unique learning needs is available through our resource program. Preparing God’s children is a challenge that requires a community. TCS is committed to building community through events like barbecues, skating days, and through our open door policy. Under the Palliser Regional School Board, we are a parent-run school; parents serve as board members, committee members, and volunteers. Through academic programs, extra-curricular programs and athletics, we attempt to lead all students to be the best they can be! For His Glory. This is the reason for our existence.


100, 295 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, AB T2X 2A8