Parkland Immanuel Christian School


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Parkland Immanuel Christian School is a Reformed covenantal school rooted in God's Word and the confessions of the Canadian Reformed Church. Our covenant community seeks to have such harmony and support from its parents, staff and students that it forms a powerful voice glorifying God and demonstrating hope in a broken world. We continually strive to express our understanding of God's gift of grace and the value of providing consistent instruction between school, church and home. PICS seeks to build strong partnerships with all members of the Reformed community and to promote a sense of belonging, ownership and pride. We seek to create an environment where staff and students are inspired and challenged to use their God given talents as they joyfully teach and learn about our God and the world from a covenantal perspective. They engage in activities that foster a love for learning, develop the ability to think critically about the world around them, and promote strong leadership skills. The staff strives for excellence in leadership and communication with peers, parents and the community.


21304 – 35 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6M 2P6