Calgary Quest School


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Calgary Quest School was established by parents to fill the need for a long-term intensive program for children with challenges. We are a Designated Special Education Private School established under Alberta Education. The school serves students from ages 2½ to 20 with special needs in an educational program that also incorporates the major therapies with a mandate to assist each child or student to reach his/her potential in a warm, caring, educationally sound atmosphere. Maximum effort must be made to prepare the child with special challenges to achieve their potential. Calgary Quest School strives to maintain the highest expectations and respect of a student’s potential rather than being limited by prognosis or labels. Calgary Quest School gives parents the opportunity to be involved in the design and implementation of their child’s program and to keep the parent well informed of the student’s program, treatment and progress.


3405 Spruce Drive SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0A5