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This program is intended to provide a 2-day pathway for LQS Certification for individuals working in leadership roles other than principals, such as assistant, associate or deputy principals, and for school jurisdiction leaders (certificated individuals who fulfill leadership related functions in the school but are not principals). School principals are welcome to attend the 2 day programs as well, but those serving in the role of principal during this 2018-19 school year will receive grandparented certification, and are therefore not required to attend the In-Service program. The second attachment is a ‘Pathways to Certification’ document from Alberta Education which helps to clarify the different routes available to individuals interested in attaining LQS Certification.
While the program is being jointly developed and delivered by AISCA, the Alberta Teachers Association, and the College of Alberta School Superintendents, AISCA is specifically coordinating two program delivery sessions for independent school leaders.

These sessions will be offered on
April 8th and 9th in Edmonton, at Edmonton Islamic Academy. 14525 – 127 Street, Edmonton, Participants should park at the back of the building parking lot and enter through the glass ARCA doors
April 11th and 12th in Calgary at Strathcona -Tweedsmuir School. R. R. #2, Okotoks, AB. Please park in designated visitor parking lot and follow signs to the Atrium . https://abedleadershipcert.ca/

To register for the AISCA coordinated events participants will need to go to the joint website set up by AISCA, the ATA, and CASS specifically for the LQS In-Service Program.

Those who qualify to attend the In-Service programs are welcome to go to any of the sessions posted on the website; AISCA is simply coordinating a couple of events since many of our schools have indicated an interest in having their school leaders attend the same event to allow for networking, and to benefit from leaders who share similar leadership contexts.