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Thank you to all our member schools and private ECS operators for your support of our Teachers’ Convention 2019 “Better, Together”: Rethinking Education in a Changing World





FEBRUARY 14, 2020


We would love to have you spend Valentine’s Day with AISCA. 

We have changed the venue and the format for 2020

After reviewing a wide range of key note speaker options, we have settled on a new approach that we are quite excited about. We have selected two key themes and are bringing in speakers to address each theme. They will do so through a 30 minute keynote, and through follow up breakout sessions. The themes address both the Art (relationships) and the Science (design thinking) of teaching.

Keynote #1 Geraldine DeFazio NoTosh Ltd.

“Design Thinking for Learning”
We want students to challenge the status quo, to have confidence in their research, to “problem-find” as well as solve problems with ingenious flair. This is what the NoTosh Design Thinking process sets out to do, with a simple, common language with which to frame learning (http://www.notosh.com/design-thinking). In this session we will give guidance on how teachers and leaders can embrace design thinking in the classroom.
Attendees will:
– understand the process of design thinking;
– understand how to find great problems for learners to solve, that involve the whole school curriculum;
– learn (by using) new techniques for getting the best ideas, language use and higher order thinking out of students;
– see how design thinking can be used as a curriculum planning tool across a whole school;
– see real world examples of wholly student-led learning leading to more creative outcomes, from Kindergarten through to Higher Education;
– know where to go, who to follow, what to read to find out more and engage their whole school in a fresh approach to teaching and learning.

Keynote #2 Deborah MacNamara, PhD, RCC, Director, Kid’s Best Bet Counselling and Family Resource Centre Faculty at the Neufeld Institute

Why Relationships Matter in Cultivating a Positive School Culture
Relationship is fundamental to who we are and what we do, yet; it is one of the most overlooked parts in the learning equation. Societal changes and current culture does not facilitate strong adult to student relationships making connecting to teachers much less automatic. This presentation will address why it is imperative we focus on relationships and how this will help cultivate a school culture that children can flourish in.

In addition to breakout sessions provided by the keynotes we will be sending out a call for proposals for other breakout sessions in the Fall.

We hope our new venue will provide more capacity for both attendance at the Convention and for a more robust trade show.  Know a vendor you would like to see at the Convention?

Send details to [email protected] and we will invite them to participate.

We are also looking at chartering a bus from Edmonton and Lethbridge, provided there is enough demand. More information to follow in the fall.