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“Better,Together!” AISCA’s first Province Wide Teachers’ Convention

  On February 16th, 2018 AISCA held it's first ever, province wide Teachers' Convention at the MacEwan Conference Centre in Calgary as part of AISCA's 60th Anniversary Celebrations.  It was a sold out event with

Celebrating 60 Years!

On Thursday, February 126th AISCA held it's 60th Anniversary Celebration at the MacEwan Conference Centre Ballroom in Calgary . Thank you to everyone that participated. It was wonderful to bring together school leaders and board

Our Schools Serving the Public Good

Having traveled the province, AISCA staff knows the incredible ways that our schools and ECS programs reach out to, connect with, and support, the community around them. Some of the schools have focused on support

Commitment to Action: Next Steps

In the Fall of 2016 AISCA partnered with Alberta Education on a commitment to action in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. Thanks to the support of Alberta Education, AISCA was able to

Press Release Regarding Union and Union Interest Groups attack on Parental Choice.

This morning organized labor, and labor interest groups put forward a proposal to attack parental choice in education. This misguided proposal inaccurately states that defunding private schools would save money which could be reallocated to

Greetings from the Minister of Education, the Honourable David Eggen

From left to right: AISCA Executive Director, John Jagersma, Minister of Education David Eggen, AISCA Board Members Vern Rand (President), Simon WIlliams, C-Anne Robertson, Jawdah Jorf A message from the Honourable Minister of Education