In the Fall of 2016 AISCA partnered with Alberta Education on a commitment to action in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report. Thanks to the support of Alberta Education, AISCA was able to have Charlene Bearhead assist us in offering a series of workshops to Early Childhood Service providers, teachers and school leaders. These sessions provided key, foundational knowledge on the history of residential schools, and on the call to action that is required.

This spring AISCA is offering a second round of workshops to continue moving this discussion forward. We are pleased to have the continued support of Charlene for the upcoming sessions. In addition to this AISCA is also partnering with the Edmonton and Calgary Regional Consortiums. The consortiums are assisting in the workshops by arranging for a presentation of the Blanket Exercise. This important exercise involves using blankets to represent the land of what is now Canada, and engages participants in the history of treaty-making, colonization and resistance that has occurred through the centuries.

The workshops will be held in Edmonton on May 4th and in Calgary on May 5th (ECS in the morning, and teachers/school leaders in the afternoon for both events). For more information, or to register, go to our website:

AISCA is also pleased to have representatives from the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education branch of Alberta Education presenting at our AGM, and representatives of AISCA schools, board and staff will also be participating in broad based stakeholder meetings in the coming months.

Cropped Calgary November 3rd