2016: Year in Review

As we come into the last few days of 2016, it’s good to take a few moments to reflect on the past year. It has certainly been an eventful one for AISCA, and more broadly for education in Alberta. There was much to be thankful for in the past year.

On the provincial government level there was a positive budget that continued to provide sustainable funding for independent schools and ECS programs, with the plant operations and maintenance grant being restored to the 70% funding level. This spring also saw the members of the legislature unanimously support Motion 504 which promoted parental choice in education. This fall AISCA was able to join with other stakeholders in the Commitment to Action in response to the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

AISCA staff had the opportunity to visit many of your schools, to run professional development sessions for teachers and school leaders, and to promote choice in education through print, radio, online, and television mediums. In regards to promoting the value of our schools, AISCA was pleased to launch a new website, and an animated whiteboard video.

As we look back over the year, we recognize that there continue to be challenges as well. Some of our members dealt with challenges of a local context, and across the province there continued to be the need for advocacy and education on the value our institutions provide. Work was done to support schools in meeting legislative requirements, and to provide input on the drafting of new teaching quality and principal leadership quality standards. As we look forward we recognize that more work remains to be done.

Although the approximately 225 independent schools and early childhood service programs across the province vary significantly in their location, size, structure, and purpose, we are still bound together by our common purpose of providing a high quality learning opportunity to 34,000 students in Alberta.

All the best in the New Year,


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